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It began when I was a child...

My name is Giovanni Puocci and I was born on June 9, 1984 in Italy (FORMIA). After three years of my life, we moved to Germany, where I still live. Thanks to my father's musical influences, I started playing the piano / keyboard since I was five. I gradually learned other instruments such as guitars, electric bass, drums, percussion and singing in various bands, from professional musicians. but to this day my main instrument has remained the piano. Through various films, especially those of the famous director Steven Spielberg, who gave me a great desire to learn / create music for the film. Later I started listening to and following composers like John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, Einaudi and others.

Later I decided to prepare myself for the entrance to the conservatory in Germany (ESSEN) in order to fully understand the complete subject. As a graduate, I graduated as a Film Music Composer, Audio Engineer & Music Producer. When you grow up in a world of music, every color has its own note and life becomes a set of different harmonies. It fills every word and every situation warns you more than usual. My first musical experience began immediately after graduation. In 2005 with the short film: "So early to become old ..." by Anaya Kellogg. And since then, others have followed him, until today. We have won 46 awards for the "16/03" FILM and a nomination for the movie "LAMIA" for the best soundtrack of 2017. Without dramatizing it, music has helped me in many difficult and beautiful moments of my life.

I tried all those emotions and feelings of a lifetime while creating the soundtrack: Ashes of memories. Then say the date to the world, for FREE, to help people who need emotional support. I hope it will give you the strength to get in touch with God so that you can achieve all your true goals through Him like I could. Thanks :) Giovanni Puocci